Peace Division

So I’m sitting here writing this 2000-page essay and iTunes shuffle totally reminded me of the awesome Peace Division and their superlative house music productions. I think I know what I want for my birthday – a voice as slick as the ones in these chunes.

Now isn’t that just perplexing? I’m sitting here focused to death writing this stupid paper on Minority Report and then shuffle comes along and totally screws up my train of thought. I’m looking at my paper now and all I want to do is dance… DANCE! DAMN IT! But because of the great depths I’m going to bring you guys and girls these fresh tunes, you owe it to download the songs and comment on these songs. Thanks yo.

Trust me when I say these songs will make you barf rainbows.

Peace Division – Club Therapy (Bad Boy Bill mix)

Peace Division – Backlight Sleaze

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